At Aylesbury Granulation Services we process a wide range of plastic wastes. Below are just a few gallery images depicting what we do. Please take a look and be sure to get in touch if there is anything that we can help you with.

For recycling of waste plastics, we would be happy to help with a range of polymers, including HDPE, PP, ABS, PC, APET, HIPS, PS and others. Some examples of these can be seen in the gallery above.

If you would like to discuss any of your plastic recycling waste streams, or even your waste issues, then please contact us.

It is always helpful if you can have some key information to hand.

What plastic recycling do you have – what material is it, or what recycling symbol does it have stamped on it
How much waste is there, and is the plastic recycling needed on a on-going basis
What is the source of the plastic recycling – post industrial, from a MRF, from a specific collection
Photos – a picture tells a thousand words and helps us to assess your plastic recycling needs better

Once we have received your material it will be processed through our Herbold granulator, at an average rate of 1 tonne per hour. It will be downsized to a particle size of 10mm. This is known as regrind. This regrind will be used back in plastic manufacturing to make new plastic products.