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Covid-19 marketing

The Covid-19 crisis resulted in many companies – including us – looking at new marketinImage for Covid-19 marketingg during lock down.

The Background

In 2020 we were due to be exhibiting at two key industry exhibitions. Interplas and the RWM (Recycling and Waste Management).  Interplas was due to be very important for us as we were looking to meet with contacts from the world of plastic manufacturing, including plastic injection moulding, plastic extrusion and plastic blow moulding.

The Impact of Covid-19 Marketing

The Interplas exhibition team decided to postpone to June 2021. Whilst it is obvious why they made their decision it set all exhibitors the challenge of how to reach those contacts.

We are quite active on LinkedIn and always try to keep this website up to date in order that we can be found by relevant parties.

However, we needed to increase our marketing during the Covid-19 lock-down. As such we decided to advertise in the magazine, British Plastics and Rubber.

It is possible to look at their magazines online too. Please follow this link.  You can find us on page 34.

The Thought behind the Advert

There is a big movement at the moment – and quite rightly so – to back British.  As an example, British manufacturers are pushing the fact that their products are “Made in Britain”.  We took this sentiment and highlighted the fact that we are very keen to work with other British companies.  We wrote “British Companies working together to support each other”.

Whilst we are quite well know in the industry – for a very small company anyway – I took a quick quote from one of our current clients.  His words were echoed by almost everyone that I asked for feedback from. It reads “Good, honest approachable people”.

Finally, obviously we had to tell them what we do. So I list toll granulation and rebates for plastics.

Now we just need to wait for the calls to come flooding in!