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Aylesbury Granulation Services were recently shortlisted as a finalist for the coveted award of Plastics Recycling Business of the Year 2019 and the Awards for Excellence in Recycling and Waste Management.

We didn’t come first – and congratulations to Bywaters, who were the winners at the awards ceremony – but we are very proud of our achievement nonetheless.

As part of the awards process we asked a handful of valued customers whether they would be willing to share their thoughts with us and write us testimonials.  They all agreed and said some of the nicest things. So we decided to share them to our website….

Adrian Matthews – Storm Polymers (and formerly of Green Ant)

I have been working with Aylesbury Granulation Services for many years now, and I have used them for both their toll granulation service and as a source of finished product.

When I send plastic in to them, I know that I can trust them with my material and know that the finished product will always be of a consistently good quality.

Andy is very careful in his processing of materials – especially on my toll jobs where there is the possibility that my supplier has not been as vigilant as I had hoped!

We have worked through a range of projects together, from simple smaller jobs, through to larger more complex jobs. One of the biggest jobs Aylesbury Granulation Services ran for me was a large amount of ex-automotive factory transportation plastics. We sent in around 6 walking floors of product. It turned out that the materials that arrived on site were, in some cases, contaminated with items such as RSJs and lumps of concrete and smaller items, such as consumables.

The way that Andy deals with these issues is to first and foremost remove any problem materials. He then notifies me periodically, with photographic evidence so that I can go back to source. There is never any drama. The work is just completed and the issues dealt with.

When I have a new enquiry that is, perhaps, a little out-of-the-ordinary I know that Susan will go away and put her mind to finding a solution that will work for us both. We have a good network of contacts between us and so working together we try our hardest to find the best recycling routes for plastics enquiries that come my way.

As I say, I have worked with Aylesbury Granulation Services for many years (I think I was one of their very first customers) and I plan to continue to work with them for many years to come. I consider them to be honest and trustworthy people; they are very good at what they do; they are always willing to help; and their product quality is second to none. It is my pleasure to recommend them to others in the trade as I know that they will be well cared for by Andy and Susan.

David Lloyd – MRL

Materials Recovery Ltd started to use Aylesbury Granulation Services to shred and granulate plastics in March 2018. MRL send them LDPE, PP and HDPE purge/lump, that is difficult to recycle without it being treated first. This is where Aylesbury Granulation Services provide an exceptional and professional service for MRL. MRL can send in regular 20 tonne loads of purge materials on either walking floor trailers or roll on roll off containers. We also send them materials in bulk bags.

20 tonnes plus of plastic purge/lump on walking floors is very difficult and time consuming to handle once dumped on the floor (see photo below). Aylesbury Granulation Services seem to handle this with little difficulty considering they don’t use large handling equipment to move the materials.

For a small company Aylesbury Granulation Services are very accommodating as they can take in loads from us with little notice given. For MRL this is very helpful because our customers expect us to move this material “at the drop of a hat”. The work is carried out to a high level with the finished product being of a good quality and consistency. The turnaround is also impressive.

MRL have been using Aylesbury Granulation Services now for over 12 months and we see them as a valued part of our supply chain, and we would recommend their services to other companies without hesitation.

Emma Curtis – CS Recycling

We have been working with Aylesbury Granulation Services for at least 5 years and through that time, they have helped us recycle many tonnes of a variety of grades of plastic. Anything they are unable to recycle, they go above and beyond to try to find an alternative end destination to reduce the quantity going to landfill.

The team have always been very responsive and professional and they always do their upmost, doing as much as they can, to ensure the waste hierarchy is upheld. We look forward to working with Aylesbury Granulation Services in the years to come.

Guy Barker – BWC Group

BWC Plastics have been associated with Aylesbury Granulation Services for ten months. As a business we relocated to Milton Keynes in May from the South West, the move was a big operation involving the relocation of eight machines and the employment of new staff.

Not unsurprisingly, as production started we were generating higher than usual volumes of scrap which presented a significant problem for BWC.

As a business we are keen to manage our waste and recycle as much as we can, added to which there was significant value financially in the scrap we made. BWC needed a local partner who could handle volume material but could guarantee the quality of material being returned.

After meeting Susan and explaining what we required, she promptly came back with a closed-loop proposal which guaranteed the segregation of our material from other product at their site and guaranteed keeping our product dry.

The service levels we have experienced from Aylesbury Granulation have been excellent, they have kept us informed of progress and even when giving bad news have been proactive; Aylesbury Granulation is a small friendly business, that talks our language, they have strong integrity and ethics, I am delighted with the service they give BWC and I look forward to a long and continuing relationship.

Katy Rowe – G R Argent

Although we have only started working with Aylesbury Granulation Services recently we have from the outset found them to be straight forward and approachable in the manner they operate plastic recycling services. They have been transparent with any issues or problems and have relayed that in a positive and constructive manner to enable a better product recycling ratio.

If we can work with you to become one of our happy customers then please get in touch