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The following pictures depict the flow of plastic waste from source, through the granulation process, and into finished regrind, ready for use back into plastic manufacturing.

In the flow of materials, in this example, the manufacturer has produced stock for their customer. This can be a source of plastic waste for recycling. When there are surplus stocks in the supply chain, when there is damage to stocks or when products have reached their end-of-life, then these products are ready for recycling.

These range of waste products come to Aylesbury Granulation Services for recycling. Each polymer needs to be kept separate and mouldings need to be free of any additional assembly parts, such as screws, labels or other plastics. They are then fed into our granulator and are down-sized to a 10mm particle which can be used dierctly back into plastic manufacture.

This regrind is either sold by us to third parties in order for it to reach its ultimate end user – the plastics manufacturer – or it is received back to the originator of the waste, for them to re-manufacture from their own original plastic.

All pure polymers are recyclable many times and as such there is no reason why all manufacturing waste should not be collated and recycled. This includes injection moulded lump, which is normally thrown away into general waste.

Waste Plastic Flowchart
This flowchart shows how waste is generated and flows from plastic manufacturers and is recycled by Aylesbury Granulation Services.