Recycling Videos

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This video was made for us by Buckinghamshire Business First when we were shortlisted as the Best Business in Aylesbury Vale in September 2019.  Please take a look to understand a bit more about why we are so passionate about plastic recycling.

This video shows how we take large injection moulding lumps and downsize them prior to granulating to our finished product which is a 10mm regrind, ready for use back into plastic manufacturing.

When very dense materials come in to Aylesbury Granulation Services for processing they sometimes need pre-shredding before they are granulated. This is an example of shredding HDPE purge from injection moulding. Large lumps from the process of injection moulding or blow moulding are fed into the hopper. These are size reduced to 50mm. This allows us to feed directly into the granulation process, further downsizing to 10mm. This size regrind can be used directly back into plastic manufacturing.

This video shows the recycling of polypropylene (PP) lens cases. This PP scrap has come directly from the plastic injection moulding factory and will go back into the manufacture of more PP plastic mouldings.

Here is another video showing HDPE purge / lump being pre-shredded.

This video shows the process that material takes from goods in through to finished product. It shows how meticulous we are when it comes to cleaning down, to ensure that our regrinds are contaminate free.

It is important for some customers to know how secure our bags of regrind are, to avoid any cross-contamination. This video shows a bag being tied off.