Writing a blog that will never be read

By November 21, 2018Opinions

I am going to write a blog about writing a blog that will never be read!

So I would like to have started this blog with another sentence, or maybe this particular sentence, but you will clearly see that there is one above it. This is because in order to get little green ticks from my SEO software I am “advised” to put the “focused keyword” in the first paragraph of the text. Trust me – that is not always easy or conducive to the way I want to write.

However the good thing is that I now see this:

So that has to be a positive – surely that will make the Google bots come and find my website and put me right up to the top of page 1!!!

Heading 1

Oh, hang on – I’d got this far and not thought about putting in a heading. Apparently a well written blog has headings, and at least one of those headings should include the focus keyword, so here we go – whether it makes sense or not!

Heading 2 – writing a blog

So the good news is, that at this point in my ramblings the SEO scores are in:

    • I haven’t added a picture yet (the fact that I don’t really know how to add one into the text, because the guy who trained me left me rather flailing around in the dark, doesn’t help);
    • I’ve only got 250 words (50 to go to get a green mark); and,
    • I haven’t stuck an internal link in yet. (Oh, by the way, I’m out of the red zone for number of words now, so happy days – only two red marks remain.)
    • oh hang – only 290 words, so still more to go to get the green tick;
    • and my slug for this page (the “what”, I hear you ask! Well I’m not sure either, but I type some words in a box toward the bottom of the screen and eventually the red line turns orange turns green and I stop writing in vaguely related random words) contains a stop word. Hang on – I need to follow an external link to see what I’ve messed up…… oh dear Wikipedia didn’t help much. I think it must be the word “a” so I’d better remove that!
  • Excuse me whilst I just add a quick internal link …. http://agsplasticgranulation.co.uk/contact-us/, and add a nice picture ….. do you like what I did there?
    • well according to my software this blog is now a well SEO’s blog. Who cares that it doesn’t really say what I want it to say – at least it’ll surely now bounce me up to the top of the rankings for someone trying to find a great company to granulate their rigid plastics! Right???

What I really wanted to say

So, anyway, I really wanted to say that I find it rather disheartening writing blogs and putting effort into my writings only to have a few of my kind friends on Facebook tell me that they were “well written” or a “good read”, but know that I haven’t really reached out to my target market and key audience.

I’ll carry on carrying on – mainly because I understand the power of marketing. So even if potential waste suppliers and waste buyers are not reading my blog, I’m reliably informed that the Google bots / Google spiders are crawling around the internet and are due – one of these fine days – to boost our website up to the heady heights of page 1!

Thanks for reading. Call back for the next exciting instalment when I’ll be talking about rather more relevant stuff like plastic manufacturing and plastic recycling and how much I think there should be taxation of plastic products made from 100% virgin material when it is perfectly viable to use a recycled element!