Plastic Granulation Services

Aylesbury Granulation are specialists in offering plastic granulation services for processing segregated rigid plastic waste streams. We produce regrind for recycling back in to manufacturing.  We take in waste streams from a variety of sources and granulate them to a 10mm regrind, which is then fed through a recycling chain and back into manufacture of more plastic products.

We are a small company of just two people, and this means that we can rest assured of great customer service as well as great quality plastic regrind.  If you work with us you will know that Susan will deal with all of the business side of things, whilst Andy will ensure that your waste is professionally dealt with at the “coal face”

What we do

We take in segregated rigid plastic and granulate it to 10mm regrinds as standard. If you have a requirement for an alternative regrind size then please contact us, and we can see whether we may be able to help you.

Waste plastic comes to us for recycling from a number of sources:

  • End of life plastic products, such as crates, bins, trays, utility pipe, etc.
  • Redundant plastic stock, following product relaunches or line redundancies
  • Plastic manufacturers waste, including lump, purge, run up waste, shorts, sprues, colour issues, etc.
  • Food packaging, such as buckets, drums, barrels and containers

Aylesbury Granulation run three basic models, either of which may be the most suitable for your business:

  1. We buy plastic waste. So if you have waste plastic to sell them please contact us.
  2. We run closed loop recycling for manufacturing businesses who want their own waste back in a format that they can use straight back in their own manufacture. Please see our closed loop recycling page, here.
  3. We offer a toll granulation service. In this situation you retain ownership of the waste. This works well for waste brokers and waste traders. For more details, please visit our toll granulation page.  Please get in contact if we can help you.
Plastic Regrind from plastic granulation