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ABS Plastic Recycling

Like most polymers, ABS is totally recyclable. Here at Aylesbury Granulation we work with a number of clients to help with their ABS plastic recycling. This includes sources such as ABS reels, which are most often used for transporting metal wire of varying weights; ABS transportation crates; and scrap ABS mouldings from plastic manufacturing.

What is ABS?

ABS stands for Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene. As a polymer type it has a wide range of benefits. It is a very strong plastic with a great resilience to chemical or physical damage. Because it has a low melting temperature, it is very easy to manufacture plastic parts from.

ABS is used in products that do not get hot, because of its melting point. Every day uses will find ABS in IT equipment and TV and audio equipment. ABS is used heavily in car manufacture.

Industrially it is used where there is a need for a relatively cheap product which can withstand bumps and knocks, so is often found in housings.

Probably one of the most widely known and recognisable products made from ABS is Lego.

ABS Plastic Recycling
ABS Plastic Recycling

How does ABS Plastic Recycling work at Aylesbury Granulation?

When your waste stream includes ABS, you need to have a reliable partner to help you deal with your ABS plastic recycling. We are very happy to help you with this.

Much of the ABS that we recycle is a secondary waste. That is, it is not a waste from the manufacturing process, but instead from the transportation of raw materials that come into the business. You can rest assured that all ABS that we take in is processed by us and the regrind is used back in plastic manufacturing.

How does ABS Plastic Recycling work?

Your ABS plastic recycling would come to us either palletised or in builders’ bags. All material is fed into our machinery. We process on average 1 tonne per hour. The material is downsized into 10mm sized pieces called regrind. Our regrind is sold on to be remanufactured into plastic products.

Do you get paid for ABS Plastic Recycling?

Put simply, the answer is “yes”. The market for recycled ABS is rather volatile, so it is impossible to put a rebate rate within this blog, as it is too changeable. That said, even when the market is depressed there is still a rebate payable for ABS plastic recycling.

Our rebate rate is quoted on a delivered-in price. However, if you are not able to deliver, we are always happy to arrange transport for you and take any cost off of the rebate due to you.

After processing your material, we detail each and every kilo of plastic processed and send you a rebate statement. Against this you raise your invoice.

What do we need from you?

It is very important to recognise that contamination stops plastic from being recyclable. Your waste stream should be kept away from any other plastics and away from anywhere where staff may think it acceptable to throw their “general” waste.

It is always super helpful if you have photos of your waste, and also an idea of what volume you create during what timeframe.

If you have ABS, or any other plastic, for recycling, then please contact Susan and we can discuss this further.

ABS Plastic Recycling regrind