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Where do firms go when they want their grandstand stadium seating recycling? Aylesbury Granulation Services, of course!

Most recently we have recycled all of the seating from the Centre Court at Wimbledon and the full stadium seating of Leicester City Football Club, after they moved up in to the premier league.  That totalled nearly 17 tonnes of plastic.

The Process

The seats are removed by a contractor.  All metal – screws and rivets, etc. – are removed from the plastic and then they are shipped in to us, often in cages.  We then feed each seat and seat back into our granulator, where the material is chipped down to 10mm size particles.  It is stored in big 1 tonne bags, which can be seen on for onward shipment to the next stage in the supply chain.

The Plastic

Most grandstand stadium seating recycling results in many tonnes of recyclable plastic.  In most cases, the plastic used is PP (polypropylene). You can tell this in a number of ways. Firstly – and most easily – the seats should be stamped (often on the bottom) with a number 5 inside the recycling triangle. Secondly, if the seats are very old they may look “bruised” – for example if the seats are green, they may have white “bruises” where they have been stretched or damaged. The third way is a test that can only be done after the seats have been removed.  We are able to take a small piece of the plastic and undertake both sink – float tests and burn tests.  The results of these tests can confirm that the material is, indeed PP.

The finished product

A lot of the PP that we produce goes back into manufacturing things like vacuum cleaners, automotive parts, paint buckets, drainage products & rattan styled garden furniture.


If you have any grandstand stadium seating recycling requirements, or indeed smaller scale stadium seating recycling needs, then please get in touch via e-mail with pictures and approximate tonnages.