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Aylesbury Granulation are experts at Headwaste recycling, either on a toll basis – where you have your material back for onward manufacture, or onward selling, or where we buy your surplus headwaste material.

Headwaste Recycling

Here at Aylesbury Granulation, we would be delighted to help you with your headwaste recycling. We take in contaminate free segregated headwaste from a range of sources and in a range of polymers for mechanical recycling at our site in Aylesbury, Bucks.

The waste is fed into our shredder, where it is initially downsized to 50mm and then heads through our granulator. We run at around 1 tonne per hour and the finished product is a 10mm regrind which can be used directly into new plastic manufacturing.

We can accept material in from a number of formats, including octibins, builder’s bags or loose in RoRos, walking floors or tipper trucks. Dependant upon the polymer, we could expect around three tonnes in a skip and eight to ten tonnes in a full wagon.

LDPE headwaste recycling
Plastic Pallet regrind

Which Materials Are Accepted?

We are able to help with a very wide range of polymers, which include, but is not limited to PP, PE, PS, nylon, PET, polycarbonate and ABS. If you have an unusual material, then please get in touch. There is a strong chance that we will be able to help – especially if the job is on a toll basis.

The key factor is that the lumps need to be contaminate free – most notably metal, but also foreign purging compounds.

Closed Loop Headwaste Recycling

We are more than happy to work with plastic extrusion companies who need to have their waste plastic granulated for their own use back in a closed loop system.  We guarantee contaminate free regrind of your own material ready for you within a timescale that suits your business demands.

Contact Us

If we can be of any further assistance, then please get in touch. We’d love to hear from you.