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Oil Tank Disposal

Oil tank disposal is a challenge for many businesses, but thankfully Aylesbury Granulation have just the solution.

We work with many businesses with their oil tank disposal, but better than just disposing of the plastic waste, you can rest assured that the tanks are actually being recycled and made back into new plastic products.

The Process of Oil Tank Disposal and onward Recycling

Oil tanks (also know as fuel tanks or diesel tanks) are removed from site (often domestic property) and emptied. It is important that all hazardous waste is removed from the tanks before they are delivered to our site. Most businesses drain and the rag out the tanks to ensure that all waste is removed.

You need to cut the tanks into pieces and remove ALL metal. It is critical that tanks are cut into pieces (as per the image) and that metal is removed, to ensure no rejections at site. Metal is a contaminate of plastic and its presence renders that plastic unrecyclable. This is why it is so important. It is also very bad to run metal through our plant, as it causes excessive damage.

At the time of writing, we are offering a free drop to our site in Aylesbury, Bucks. In order to put this in place, you will need to get in touch and put in place a Waste Transfer Note to cover the plastic waste. We are happy to help with these if this is not something that you are familiar with.

Periodically we feed each section into our granulator, where the material is chipped down to 10mm size particles. It is stored in big 1 tonne bags, which can be seen here, for onward shipment to the next stage in the supply chain.

The Plastic

Aylesbury Granulation are one of the foremost recyclers which result from oil tank disposal.  In most cases, the plastic used is PE (polyethylene). You can tell this in a number of ways. Firstly – and most easily – the tanks should be stamped (often on the bottom) with a number 2 inside the recycling triangle. Secondly, is a test that takes a small piece of the plastic and we undertake both sink – float tests and burn tests.  The results of these tests can confirm that the material is, indeed PE.

The finished product

All of the PE regrind that we produce goes back into manufacturing. Whilst we do not have full visibility of the finished products, the material is likely to be used to manufacture things like pipes, and other heavy industrial parts.


If you have any oil tank disposal issues and are looking for a recycling solution then please get in touch via e-mail Please send pictures and approximate tonnages.