Plastic Crate Recycling

By October 15, 2019Services

When plastic crates get damaged you need a reliable partner to help you deal with your plastic crate recycling. Look no further, Aylesbury Granulation Services would be happy to help.

Many of the crates that we recycle come from the food and drinks industry.  It is inevitable that over time there is often damage to crates that means that they are no longer safe to use.  All plastic crates that come in to us are granulated and the resultant regrind is used back in plastic manufacturing.

How does it work?

Your crates would normally come to our site palletised. The crates are hand fed into our granulator, which is capable of processing around one tonne per hour, and the knives and blades cut the crates into tiny pieces which are 10mm big.  This is called regrind which we sell to be made back into new plastic products – at the time of writing our regrind is most commonly used to make buckets and garden furniture, but this is very market dependent.

Do you get paid for broken plastic crates?

Yes – crates and trays are normally made from either polypropylene (PP) or high density polyethylene (HDPE).  All plastic crates should be marked with a recycling logo, and in this case we would expect to see a number 5 for PP or a number 2 for HDPE.

Our rebate rate (as is the industry norm) is based upon a delivered in price.  However, if you do not have transport yourself, we are always happy to arrange transport for you at cost.

On an average wagon you should expect to have a load of around five tonnes.

After processing you waste plastic crates, we weigh each and every bag of regrind. You then raise an invoice for this appropriate amount, which we pay on 30 days.

What do we need from you?

It is important thing to understand is that contamination means that plastic is not recyclable. As such, it is important that the crates are empty and relatively clean.  It is all too easy for your staff to see stacks of broken plastic crates or trays as rubbish and be tempted to put other rubbish in them, but this must be avoided in order to ensure that the plastic is genuinely recycled.

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