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Plastic Grinding at Aylesbury Granulation

Plastic grinding is process of taking plastic waste and reducing its size to an industry standard 10mm particle so that the plastic can be re-used back in to plastic moulding and manufacturing.
Plastic grinding is referred to in the industry as plastic granulation, but it is also often referred to as waste downsizing or plastic reprocessing.

How do we do Plastic grinding?

Plastic wastes arrive at Aylesbury Granulation in a range of guises, ready for granulation. All of the materials that we process are single polymer and free from contaminates.  The plastic is hand fed into our large Herbold granulator, where we run at speeds of up to one tonne each hour.

Once the plastic grinding process is complete the 10mm regrind is deposited into large PP sacks, which have both a filler spout and discharge spout.  This gives plastics moulders a range of options of how they can use the regrind back in their process.

What happens to regrind that has gone through Plastic grinding?

All regrinds from Aylesbury Granulation go back to be used in plastic manufacturing. Sometimes the supply chain also includes an element of compounding, whereby the regrind is sent through another process to make a specific customer required grade.

Plastic Grinding at Aylesbury Granulation
Plastic Grinding PP HDPE PC

What materials are suitable for Plastic grinding?

In theory all plastics are recyclable. The reality is that there are some exceptions to this, but that is primarily a function of a lack of demand for certain more obscure polymers, rather than their actual ability to be recycled.

The fact is that all materials are suitable for plastic grinding, but generally the “main” polymers do, in fact, go through the process.

At Aylesbury Granulation we only accept in materials for which we have a recycling home. As a result the main polymers that we granulate include:

The plastic that we grind tend to have been injection moulded, but we also grind thermoformed plastics or sheet grade plastics.

What should I do if I have materials suitable for PP grinding?

We work with businesses in three ways.
• Some plastics manufacturers like to have their material direct returned to them. This is called closed loop recycling. The waste comes to us for plastic grinding and is then shipped directly back to the manufacturer.
• Some brokers like to retain ownership of their material and come to us for plastic grinding so that their waste streams are downsized and therefore the carbon footprint of moving plastic is improved.
• For all other cases, we buy the plastic waste and, once we have sufficient volumes, we sell on to the next party in the supply chain.

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