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End of life Wheelie bins

Wheelie bins generate the best rebate from a MRF

In order to maximise profits and optimise environmental credentials, successful material recovery businesses need to be taking recyclable plastics out of MRF (Materials Recovery Facility).

Too many types of plastic

We fully understand the complexity of running a MRF. We also know – all too well – that a plastic is not just a plastic – there are so many different polymers and manufacturing processes, that it can all seem rather overwhelming.  As such, it may seem that pulling plastics out of a MRF is a thankless and cost ineffective task.  But this is where being choosy pays off.

Each MRF is different, and the inputs will very from one to the other and from day to day.  But most have a steady influx of a few key plastics.  The opportunity is to highlight these and sell them.

Quick MRF Wins

As an example – some MRFs deal with a lot of construction and utility firms.  Their easy win is probably UTILITY PIPE. If so have food factories nearby, the easy win may be BUCKETS or BARRELS. For others, with transport and haulage companies around, the easy win may be TRAYS or CRATES.  For firms who have their own bin service, then end-of-life WHEELIE BINS are an easy win.

All of the products listed just need to be clean (not crystal clean, but free of debris) and free of contamination (for example, metal).  Each plastic product listed has a value, not a cost.

Acto Now

If you see any common placed plastics that regularly enter your MRF, then just drop me an e-mail at with a couple of pictures and then I can get back to you with a rebate rate.  It really is that simple.