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Toll Granulation is a term used in the plastic waste recycling industry. It allows businesses who need to downsize their plastic waste, to do so without heavy investment in very specific machinery.  The owner of the waste retains ownership of plastic whilst it is being processed by us.

What is Toll Granulation?

Plastic granulation is the process by which sizeable plastics, such as wheelie bins, buckets, barrels, trays, etc are processed through a granulator where they reduce in size to a 10mm regrind.  As an example, a curtain side articulated lorry full of end of life wheelie bins can be reduced down to 4 or 5 pallet spaces.  This type of size reduction reduces the plastic waste’s onward carbon footprint considerably.

Who uses your service?

Toll granulation is used primarily by two groups of clients.

We work with several Waste Management Companies, who wish to retain ownership of the waste that they have acquired. This is normally because they have a ready market for the waste plastic, but their customer needs the waste size-reduced for use in their own production. Alternatively, it is because the waste has an onward journey whereby the size reduction of the waste would considerably reduce transport costs and carbon footprint.

We also work with manufacturing companies.  These companies have waste plastics, in the form or sprue waste, lump waste, end of life or redundant stock waste, etc.  Because they know the specification of the plastic used in the original product, they like to have that material back for re-use in new manufacturing. This is closed loop toll granulation.

Is it easy?

The key to success and to keeping happy customers is to ensure the quality of their regrinds. This is not easy. At Aylesbury Granulation Services we pride ourselves on offering both great service and great product.  We are meticulous in what we do, and we guarantee that there is never any cross contamination of materials. This means that our customers can be 100% certain that the waste material that they bring in to us is exactly the same as the regrind that goes back to them.

How can I take advantage of this service?

Please feel free to contact us, and we would be more than happy to discuss your requirements.