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Aylesbury Granulation Services are delighted to announce that their free drop uPVC hub re-opened at their new site at Woodham Industrial Estate, just off the A41 between Aylesbury and Bicester, on Monday 11th March.

Did you know that uPVC can be recycled up to 18 times, giving it a potential life of over 350 years?  The UK has become very adept at the recycling of this plastic and almost all of the windows and doors removed from homes and businesses across the country are now recycled.

“We provide a key service for window and door fitting companies in Aylesbury Vale” said Susan Staff, Commercial Manager. “We estimate that a small company with a couple of staff save on average £1,000 per year by dropping in to the hub, rather than filling skips.  We currently have many firms from Aylesbury Vale using our facility and quite a few come from as far as Slough and Uxbridge. As our new site is just 9 miles from Bicester, we are hoping to see more uPVC companies from that direction too.”

In the last twelve months the hub has recycled over 120 tonnes of old window and door frames.

The company are better known for their core business, which is the recycling of segregated rigid plastics for use back into plastic manufacture. They take in a wide range of waste plastics which include crates, buckets, trays, barrels, manufacturing waste and transport waste.  They process the material through their large scale plant and can granulate up to one tonne of plastic per hour.

“Our new site is twice the size of our last place and we look forward to continuing to grow our business and do our bit to help reduce the environmental impact of plastic waste.”

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