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What is PP Grinding

PP grinding is the downsizing of items made from PP (polypropylene) to a size which makes them useable back in to the plastic manufacturing process.

PP grinding has many names. We tend to refer to grinding as granulation, but it can also be known as downsizing or reprocessing.

How do we do Granulate PP?

Plastic products arrive at Aylesbury Granulation ready for granulation. This means that they are single-stream and contaminate free.  All materials are fed into our granulator and we are able to run at speeds of around one tonne per hour.

All materials, once processed, will be stored in 1 tonne FIBC bags, for use back into future plastic manufacturing.

PP Grinding at Aylesbury Granulation
PP Grinding regrind

What materials are suitable for PP grinding?

PP is a very versatile material and is therefore used in a wide range of applications. These range from small cases for contact lenses through to pallet boxes, and beyond. It is used for applications from small bottle caps to versatile crates.

It is a great plastic due to its low density (it is light) combined with its rigidity and hardness. It is also a very resistant plastic.

The materials that we process tend to have been injection moulded, thermoformed or sheet grade, but again this list is not exhaustive.

All of these PP materials are suitable for granulation and recycling.

What happens to regrind that has been granulated?

All regrinds processed by Aylesbury Granulation are used back in plastic manufacturing. To this end if the original PP moulding was made using an injection moulding process, then it will go back to an injection moulding company for them to re-injection mould. And so on for other grades of PP for re-manufacture.

What should I do if I have materials suitable for PP grinding?

There are two options to you if you have materials suitable for PP grinding.  The main question is – do you want to maintain ownership of the material?

If you want to get rid of the plastic and want to make money from it, then we can buy it from you and pay a rebate.  We buy most PP grades, but please get in touch to find out more and see what our current rebate rate is.

If you want to keep ownership of the materials, this is most likely because you are a plastic manufacturer or a broker.  On these occasions we undertake your PP grinding by processing it after a completely comprehensive clean down, so that you can rest assured that your material returns to you completely contaminate free. Your material will be filled into 1 tonne bags, with a filler and discharge spout.  We offer a very flexible and rapid turnaround. Please get in touch and we can discuss this further.