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With ever spiraling virgin raw material costs, ever increasing awareness of looking after our planet, desires to be more sustainable and circular, and pressures to forever reduce costs – toll granulation of waste plastic is becoming more and more important to manufacturing businesses.

With ever increasing costs across the supply chain the ability to downsize waste and save carbon footprint and transport costs – toll granulation of waste plastic is becoming more critical to waste brokers and waste management companies too.

What is Toll Granulation?

Toll Granulation is a service offered by Aylesbury Granulation to clients who wish to retain ownership of their own material. The waste plastic comes in to site and is granulated down to a 10mm regrind. This very same material is bagged and ready for return.

How does the process work?

Waste plastic is delivered to Aylesbury Granulation – we can take this in a variety of presentation options, but a good many choose to use open one tonne bags (builders bags). We can also take boxed material, loose material from a RoRo or walking floor, in cages, etc.

A comprehensive full clean down is completed before the material is processed, to ensure there is zero cross contamination. The material that comes in will be the material that is returned.

The waste stream will be granulated down to a 10mm regrind and stored in FIBC (large bags 2 x 1 x 1 metre with a top and bottom filler / discharge).

We weigh each any every bag full of plastic (tarred off for individual pallet weight) and this is what you pay for.

Who uses this service?

Toll granulation is perfect for plastics manufacturers, who need to ensure that the quality of their regrinds is the same specification as the virgin material that they use.

Toll granulation is also of great benefit to waste brokers, who can save both money and carbon footprint, by downsizing their waste materials before onward shipment to their customers, whether in the UK or overseas. It is regularly the case that we will be able to reduce the full contents of an articulated lorry down to just 3 or 4 pallet spaces.

What sorts of wastes are suitable for Toll Granulation?

We work with our clients with a range of feed stocks, varying from huge purgings (aka lump or headwaste) down to small moulded parts. And everything in between, such as sprues, redundant stock, run up waste, etc.

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If you would like to discuss this option in more detail then please get in touch with Susan on It would be super helpful if you could have ready the polymer(s) in question, an idea of tonnages and some pictures.