uPVC Recycling Hub

We are a local uPVC recycling hub for plastic window and door frames.

We offer a free drop to local firms and, once collated, we send the material to a specialist uPVC recycler for re-manufacture into more uPVC window and door frames.

All glass and door panels must be removed, but seals, handles, etc. can be left on. If you are dropping your frames, please do so respectfully and contact us to discuss your duty of care Waste Transfer Note, as required by the Environment Agency

Why Recycle uPVC

Old window and door frames can be recycled up to 18 times. When you consider that an average house replaces their windows every 15 years, that is a life span for the PVC of around 300 years. This is why uPVC recycling is so important.

We take in waste from local installation companies and offer them a free drop. This saves them thousands of pounds each year in skip fees and ensures that the plastic is kept out of landfill.

Companies across Europe have achieved real success in the system of collating uPVC recycling both post consumer uPVC products and post industrial off cuts from the extrusion process. Recycled materials are combined with virgin material, which are then extruded through the manufacturing process to product new profile.

Of course, by dropping uPVC to us for recycling, customers are saving money, but they are also protecting the environment by ensuring that valuable world resources are used in the best way.

Aylesbury Granulation Services do not process the uPVC but send it to our chosen partners who actually do the uPVC recycling, and process thousands of tonnes of window and door frames each year.

For more information about plastics that we process ourselves, please visit our granulation page, our shredding page, our closed loop recycling page and our toll granulation page

uPVC Recycling Aylesbury