Waste Plastic Granulation

Waste plastic granulation is the process of taking waste plastic and size reducing it so that it can be reused back in to plastic manufacture.

We recycle a range of polymers, such as HDPE, PP, ABS and polycarbonate.

We undertake a full and comprehensive clean-down between polymer types (or between colours, if needed) to ensure that we provide only contaminate free regrinds for use back into manufacturing.

What we do

Aylesbury Granulation Services specialise in the granulation of segregated rigid plastic waste streams.  We are particular about the materials that we buy in so that we can be assured that we provide contaminate free regrinds for use back into the manufacturing process.

We recycle a wide range of materials, but on a regular basis we offer plastic granulation services for HDPE, PP, ABS, PC. We are also happy to look at plastic granulation of other materials, that are contamination free. These have include PCABS, HIPS and PS in the past. If you have an unusual material that you need to recycle then please contact us and provide us with some more information.

In terms of our plastic granulation services, we are delighted to offer a toll granulation service. In this case you retain ownership of your materials, and so this works very well for waste brokers, waste traders and waste consultants.  As the material remains your property, and you probably already have an end user for the plastic, we are happy to work with a wider variety of material types here, such as PVC, rubber or even mixed plastic.

If you are looking for us to buy your waste before it goes through the plastic granulation process then we will need some more information from you, including material type, tonnage to be processed, whether this is a one-off or on-going job and pictures.  You can send me an e-mail or use our contact us page for this.

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