Waste Plastic Shredding

For more dense materials, such as purge, lump, head-waste and utility pipe we offer a plastic shredding service. Our shredder has been configured specifically for these types of rigid plastics.

Most of the materials that go through plastic shredding will then follow the production line and go on through the granulation process. In this way we can offer just plastic shredding, or we can offer granulation with a pre-shred.

What we do

We invested in a 1000 mm single shaft shredder in early 2018. The machine was built to our exacting specifications for the challenging task of pre-shredding HDPE lump / purge / purging. Our sources of purge and headwaste are currently from extrusion, roto mould and injection moulding plastic manufacturers.

We offer a plastic shredding service for firms who wish to have a closed loop recycling system in place, so that they can put their own plastic waste streams back in to their own manufacturing facility.

We also offer plastic shredding as a first stage operation for firms who need a 10mm regrind. In these cases the lump / purge / head waste is fed into the shredder and then conveyed directly into the granulator. This makes for a very efficient process, and depending upon material type, we are able to process well in excess of 1.2 tonnes per hour.

We have configured the settings of the machine in a way that it is equally happy processing lump or pugings, as it is utility pipe.

To recycle utility pipe we need to ensure that only the purest end-of-life pipe is processed. As such, all utility pipe that we purchase has to be marked as PE80 or PE100. It must have no lines along its length, as this indicates that it is either a co-polymer (two different plastic types) or it contains metal. We are also unable to take joints or elbows as these, too, contain metal.

If you would like to discuss any of these options further then please contact us. We are happy to work with waste brokers – most often on a toll basis; with manufacturers – who most often want a clean and safe closed loop system; and with providers of waste, such as waste transfer station and mixed recycling facilities – who want us to buy their waste.

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