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Where do firms go when they want their plastic sprue recycling?

Aylesbury Granulation Services, of course!

We work with a wide range of plastic injection moulders with the recycling of their waste. This includes sprue recycling, run-up waste, redundant stock and purgings from colour changes, or engineering issues.

The Process of Plastic Sprue Recycling

Manufacturing sites collate their waste in a suitable container – many use builder’s bags or empty octibins. (Polythene bags are not suitable, as the LDPE from the bag gets caught by the sprues and if any of it gets into the finished product, it acts as a contaminate)
It is critical that each polymer is kept well segregated, in order that the plastics are all 100% recyclable. It is also critical that staff know that these materials are going for onward recycling, and that the containers are not for rubbish – such as label backings, latex gloves, and packaging from lunch (yes – we speak from experience). Many businesses use clear signage at the waste stations to avoid cross contamination and to ensure that their plastic sprue recycling is done properly.
Materials for recycling can either be returned to the manufacturer for reuse within the process, known as toll granulation, or we buy the waste and pay a rebate.

Sprue for rigid plastic recycling

The Plastic

Being a small business, we pride ourselves on our flexibility. To this end we recycle a wide range of polymers. Our main runners are PP and HDPE, but we also offer plastic sprue recycling for ABS, polycarbonate, PCABS, nylon, and PS. We are also happy to look at other polymers, as long as the volumes are sufficient.

The finished product

As mentioned above the finished product – which is a 10mm regrind – can either return to the manufacturer for reuse within their own factories, or is sold on for recycling and remanufacturing into new mouldings at a third-party site.

Contact us about your Plastic Sprue Recycling

If you have any plastic sprue recycling requirements, or indeed other manufacturing waste plastic recycling needs, then please get in touch via e-mail with pictures and approximate tonnages.